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Osman's Objectives

April 5, 2010
• 7,226,562 square feet of neighborhood area covered
• 6,984 postcards mailed
• 65 streets
• 70 days on the campaign trail
• 193 blocks walked
• 4,599 registered voters

But there's one thing missing . . .

Please support Andrew Osman with YOUR vote on Tuesday, April 6th. Polls are open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Questions? Visit our "How to Vote" page.

Please tell your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors in Leawood. Help remind our community about this important election on Tuesday!


April 4, 2010
Did you know?
Andrew believes the most important job of a public official is to know its constituents, listen to their issues and respond in an open, honest manner.

Throughout this campaign, Andrew has walked the neighborhoods of Ward 1, talked with our citizens and met with local businesses. Andrew appreciates the time everyone has taken to learn about him and his views while sharing all of their concerns about Old Leawood. Andrew wants everyone to know he is listening and working hard to find solutions to the issues Ward 1 faces.

Just remember--Together we can make a change on April 6! 


April 3, 2010
Did you know?
According to the City of Leawood website, "Many of the streets, mostly north of I-435, have already deteriorated to the point where a complete reconstruction is necessary."

Andrew has one question: "How did we let our City get to this point?"

It's time to bring a new voice to City Council who will not ignore Old Leawood's problems. We need new leaders to make sure this will never happen again.


April 2, 2010
Did you know?
Andrew has worked every day of this campaign to meet the residents of Ward 1 and make sure they understand he is listening to their issues.

Andrew believes it is the responsibility of a public servant to communicate, in an open and honest format, his views and background for each voter's consideration. Andrew hopes to expand this through the City Council by hosting regular Ward 1 roundtable discussions as well as utilizing the City's website in a more user-friendly manner. The City Council must collaborate with its citizens, listen to their issues and respond to their ideas.

Providing more opportunities for good communication is the first step to building a better relationship between our residents, businesses and public representatives.

Kansas City Star Newspaper
March 31, 2010
Today's KC Star highlights Andrew's campaign for City Council. One more time - all other candidates are running unopposed. It's time to bring a new voice to the Leawood City Council!

March 30, 2010
Did you know?
The City of Leawood budget for 2010 is 295 pages! The 2010 Capital Improvement Plan is 139 pages!

The City cannot expect its citizens to get answers from these communications. Andrew believes it is the government's responsibility to make information easily accessible, understandable and useable. Andrew proposes requiring short-form user-friendly documents that concisely communicate to citizens upcoming votes before City Council, reports of decisions made by the Council, and brief announcements of community events and business openings.

Andrew will advocate for open and honest communication to the citizens of Leawood.


March 29, 2010
Older neighborhoods have different needs than new developments. Leawood’s growth over the last several years has caused many of the City’s resources to be diverted to South Leawood.

The City must address the needs for North Leawood’s public infrastructure as it relates to aging streets, adequate lighting, sewers and drainage systems.


March 28, 2010
Leawood is losing businesses to other metropolitan areas. Business owners continue to shut their doors or move to other parts of Kansas City that have a lower tax structure.

Leawood needs to remain competitive in the metropolitan area by reviewing its permit process, fee and tax structure. Without a prosperous commercial community, Leawood will continue to lose important revenue that supports our City.


March 27, 2010
While on the campaign trail, some residents ask " with your involvement in commercial real estate, do you want to take down old homes for commercial business purposes?"  The answer is simple and emphatic--No! 

Andrew believes that our neighborhoods must be preserved and the City must help maintain the integrity of our homes.  Without a representative on the City Council who has the knowledge of these issues and a history of working with contractors, reviewing development plans and collaborating with municipal leaders, Old Leawood is in jeopardy of losing its neighborhoods.  The current leadership is ignoring its residents' requests to help protect their neighborhoods and turning away business revenue in current commercial areas that would appropriately enhance Leawood. It's time to bring a balanced approach to our City's decisions.

Vote April 6 to bring common sense to the Leawood City Council.  Together we can protect our neighborhoods. 


March 26, 2010
Did You Know?
Leawood does not have term limits for members of City Council?

Often an individual becomes entrenched with the status quo with an attitude of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  We need leaders who are willing to consider new ideas and bring a fresh perspective to our City's leadership!   Andrew Osman proposes each councilmember be allowed to serve  two 4- year terms before retiring from City Council. This allows new thoughts and ideas to be heard at City Hall. 

Join Andrew is bringing change and a new perspective on April 6!

March 25, 2010
Did You Know?
In the last 10 years, almost 80% of the elections for Leawood City Council have had candidates running unopposed?

It's time to make sure Leawood is prepared for the future.  The City needs to partner with current community civic leadership programs and expand current programming to include a civic leadership development plan.  New involvement is imperative to remove this leadership vacuum.  Andrew Osman wants to engage residents earlier in the process and encourage new leaders in the civic process.  Residents and business owners will continue to look to Leawood as their home as they build more ties to the community and its leadership.

Johnson County Sun Newspaper
March 24, 2010

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle
March 20, 2010

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